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Laurel, Montana
Growin' 'Em Big in Big Sky Country!
The Little Ranch With Big Dreams
Welcome to the Rowdy River Ranch! Our goat business started originally as a way to beautify our property in August of 2005. We lived on the banks of the Yellowstone River near Laurel, MT. Since most of our place was overgrown with brush, we figured the best way to clear it was with goats. We love animals and have a livestock background so we figured we couldn't lose. After much research, we found the Boer goat to be the best for multiple reasons: disposition, size, hardiness, etc., to name a few. Also, with Boers, there are multiple markets. We were breeding and raising ABGA registered Boers primarily for seed stock which we are proud to say started with the purchase of a grandson to *ENNOBLED* DOW Pipeline. In September of 2007, our luck changed drastically and we had the rare opportunity to purchase a herd of four 100% CODI / PCI does and one 100% CODI / PCI buck to add to our small but growing herd. 

We put the great foundation Boers back to the FRONT of the pedigrees!

Colors includeTraditionals, Spots, Paints, Redsand Blacks
Our breeding program had 2 main focuses...1) To preserve and continue the "old-school" look of the SA Boer goat...deeper and longer bodies on shorter, thicker legs, thicker more tightly curled horns, big beautiful heads, and lots and lots of wrinkles (the way South Africans wanted them)...2) To breed more size and quality back into the colored Boer goat. And we did BOTH with the power of CODI / PCI genetics!

In our opinion, there are 3 things that have NOT improved with time: Country Music, Pickup Trucks, and Boer Goats! Here at Rowdy River, we like steele guitar in our country, pickups made prior to 1979, and "old school" Boer goats. If you are looking for the "new style" Boer that is being paraded around in the show ring today with "clean" fronts, long skinny necks and pin heads, you will not find them here!

Boer bloodlines in addition to Pipeline include but are not limited to: Mr. CODI Black, SB1 Red Barron, SGF KF42 *ENNOBLED*, WCQ Tri Quest Windcall Greeley, Eggstreme *ENNOBLED*, Eggsellent *ENNOBLED*, Eggs Ryals Magnum *ENNOBLED*, Ash Creek Heat Seeker, Ash Creek Bright Eyes *ENNOBLED*, Ash Creek Prissy, RMR-SA-Kitty *ENNOBLED*, DKLK JRP TY *ENNOBLED*, JRP Moondo *ENNOBLED*, King's Holy Moly, King's Acceleration, Mojo Magic *ENNOBLED*, Downen Big 85 *ENNOBLED*, Lobola S.A. *ENNOBLED*, Ubora *ENNOBLED*, 519 *ENNOBLED*, Kaptein *ENNOBLED*, Renior *ENNOBLED*, and as of October 2010...D C W Power Wagon, JRA1 Agnew's Trust-N-Luck *ENNOBLED*, and RRD Gauge P529 *ENNOBLED*!!!!

With us it was all about the animal...our goats were guaranteed to be in the best of health and their welfare ranked above monetary profit at all times. We were a CL / CAE free herd and all goats sold from here were guaranteed CL / CAE free or your money was refunded. To date we had never had ANY goat living or sold from here test positive for CL or CAE.  (See Management page for more info). 


So take a look, hope you like what you see...and thanks for stoppin' by the ranch!

Proud Members of the ABGA, USBGA, MSMGA
UPDATED 10-06-11
UPDATE - Our herd liquidation is complete and all goats are sold.  THANK YOU to our 2011 customers!!  We will continue our involvement in the Boer industry but will not be breeding and kidding any more.  Thank you to our LOYAL customers for your patronage over the years and we will cherish forever the friendships we have made!!!
If you would like to continue to purchase our bloodlines CLICK HERE for info on who went where and how to get a hold of the new owners.

NEWS FLASH - THE ROWDY RIVER RANCH WAS WIPED OUT ON MAY 26TH BY THE FLOOD OF 2011.  Look below for 2 flood videos.  Special thanks to the Yellowstone County Sheriff's department, Sheriff Mike Linder, the McQuire family of Ballentyne, Larry Payovich, Marvin Brown, and Curt Anderson for help with Operation Noah's Ark, the rescue of Rowdy River's remaining goats.  We were forced to sell Little Man Tate and retire SB1 OBA Tate.  We no longer offer stud services.  We apologize but with the home ranch gone we do not have room at our new home to continue breeding services.  Please continue to contact Stacy for goat advise, AI class hosting and Montana commercial goat sale organization.

Stacy Payovich

Phone:  406-670-7533
Statement regarding genetics - WE ARE PROUD OF OUR SB1 BOERS!!!!

It has come to our attention that there are some people who have blacklisted the SB1 bloodlines altogether for their own respective personal reasons.  What you chose to raise or not raise on your ranch is your business and your right.  What you belive and what you don't believe is also your business and your right.  But what we have to say is this:


You do not have the right to trash talk other breeders who carry the bloodlines you don't like just because you don't like them yourselves.  So you may have a "beef" with a certain breeder...most everyone does.  One or more of your past customers could have a beef with you, too.  But to condemn other breeders' goats based on PEDIGREE and not PERFORMANCE is rediculous and in our opinion a detriment to the well being and improvement of the Boer breed!

We ask you:  Were you present personally here at Rowdy River to witness the birth of our Boer kids out of SB1 bloodlines?  Did you see how they were up and sucking within 8 minutes of birth, some before even standing on all 4 legs?  Were you here to witness the performance of ALL of the bucks here out of SB1 bloodlines, both seniors and juniors?  Were you at the shows to watch the goats raised here win?  (By the way our "show goats" were a by-product of our breeding program...we raised seed stock only so the fact that our COLORED Boers performed over and above others at shows was just a bonus).  Have you talked to our customers who own the bloodlines raised here and found out how happy they are with them?  Feel free to browse the goat pictures on our they look like CRAP to you?

The answer to all of the questions above is NO!!!!!!

If we covered up the names in our pedigrees and you looked at our stock based on performance only you wouldn't think any less of them!  We will remain respectful of other breeders' opinions and have taken all advise into consideration but from all of the research we have done we have come to the conclusion that some people just have certain biases against certain breeders or bloodlines that started the better part of a decade ago and have never let them go.  So our advise is this; we raise nothing but the best stock no matter what the bloodline!  Our stock is based on performance only and we cull carefully for ANY issues.  YOU WOULD NOT BE HAPPY IF WE TRASH TALKED YOUR STOCK especially if we weren't there to witness their performance so STOP DOING IT TO OURS!!!!!!!!   Thank you, Stacy Payovich.

By the way...if you also own SB1 Boers and are DAMN PROUD OF IT...we would love to hear from you!!
CLICK HERE to see the flood devastation slideshow!!!!
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